Fond of carrying that little cute bottle everywhere because you believe it kills even the tiniest black curvilinear lines that the television commercials on bathing soaps and handwashes very often give glances of. Yes, they are preponderantly called germs.

Wipes, sprays, foams-sanitizers are available in all sorts of shapes and colors. There are things as quirky as color-changing hand sanitizer gels filled in the utmost beautiful bottles and decorated with the finest labels atop it. Well, I thought I would tell you some not so mainstream uses for hand sanitizer.

  • Sweating and smelling? Sanitizers can even function as on the go deodorants. Sanitizers got you covered, just pour a little quantity of the liquid on your palm and you are good to go. Apply it generously on your underarms and you can dance through the remaining hours of the party without being conscious of your smelly underarms. However, don’t do this on just shaved armpits. 1
  • Why use unbranded screen cleaners for cleaning your devices when what you can actually do is dab a little amount of hand sanitizer on a cleaning cloth and gently finish the process with sparkling screens.
  • Pulled off that sticky brand label from your new water bottle? And, now the surface isn’t the sparkly clean you wanted it to be and rather contains some sticky residue? Well, sanitizers are the solutions to fix this, too. So, just don’t wait. Pull out your bottle of sanitizer from your sling bag and give the surface some “sanitizer-treatment”. 1
  • Kiss goodbye to those fingerprint stains from your refrigerator’s surface. In fact, surprise your Momma who has been bothering you for quite some time. Show her the sparkly clean surface of your refrigerator and she shall be but, super happy. Yeah, thank me later.
  • Wanna fix those paint stains? Yes, even from your paint brushes? Sanitizers are powerful enough to do that, too.1
  • Ladies, I understand you cannot sterilize your makeup gear-ah, makeup brushes you call them every time. You might be just running errands for your best friend’s wedding now that you just returned from work. Therefore, it kinda becomes imperative that you toss some sanitizer on them post washing them and then, just let them air-dry.1
  • Well, mirrors that look just brand new and scratchless are everyone’s desire. For this, too use Sanitizers for cleaning when you have run out of those glass cleaning liquids.
  • Keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses scratch-free and fingerprint free. Clean them and make them shine with Sanitizers.
  • Tame your flyaways with a little amount of sanitizer squirted on a toothbrush or simply by taking a very little quantity on your fingers.
  • Using a public toilet? Do I need to mention how dirty they are (No offense, most of the time, public toilets are clean too at some places)? Well, keep some toilet paper or tissue paper handy and squirt hand sanitizer on the surface of the pot to make it somewhat clean for you to use. 2

Yes, I know you might be literally flabbergasted on discovering some of the above while other uses might have come to you just naturally. Keep it going and keep using sanitizers for hell lots of things. Sanitizers are genuinely modern day elixirs.

By Ravjyot Kaur- Ravjyot loves to express herself through her writing. She is an aspiring architect and an intern with Mistpoffer®



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