A fragrance is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory. And this accessory when carried along should always asses to embrace us in the best possible way. Listed below are some of the facts that will definitely allow us to be the best.

  • Pick a perfume that suits your personality: Smelling good is part of our lifestyle, do some experiments and find the perfect scent that matches your way of life. Because you’re not just buying a perfume, you buy an aura.2
  • Layer your perfume: Each one of us is unique self with their own identity. So to find a scent that matches your exact self can be hard sometimes. But you can always mix and match different fragrances and create your own unique one. Also this will allow your fragrance to last longer.1
  • Make occasions with special perfumes: We have our wardrobe full of clothes. Each one for different occasion. The match of occasion and appearance boost our spirit and make the occasion special. So why not add some touch of fragrance to make it even more special. The fragrance will always carry your memories and make it special.1
  • Know how concentrated your perfume is: Anything that is used more than that of its requirement can spoil things for you. Always know your limits. While purchasing any scent how concentrated it is. So not you won’t over spray and disturb its magic. If your scent is highly concentrated then only a few splashes will do.1
  • Keep bottles away from heat:  Keep you bottles away from any kind of heat. Because heat can spoil your fragrance. And you might lose the real essence of it.2
  • Before your bath…. add a few drops of our favourite perfume to the water next time you go for a soak: do you want your unique scent to linger around your aura all day long? Then you should definitely give this a try. Adding fragrance to your bathing water will leave our body fresh and mildly scented. This will add more to your unique identity of scent.1
  • When life gives u lemon, make perfume:  having a bad day? Or feeling low? Then all you have to do is splash up some of your favourite scent and begin to slay again. Perfume is a confidence booster. 97% of people (including me) who wear perfume feel more confident. Perfume can influence your mood and help you feel better.1
  • Make it last longer: if you apply your scent on dry skin then it won’t last longer. To make it last longer apply some petroleum jelly and then spray our scent on it. You can apply petroleum jelly on your elbows and your collar bones and then apply the perfume.1

By Akanksha Patil: A passionate writer, learner and an intern with Mistpoffer®



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