Perfumes are worn firstly to feel good, make your presence felt, suit the occasion and most importantly, leave your personalized mark. Every fragrance modifies itself based on each individual’s body odour. A perfume is worn and not applied, hence wearing it well and carrying the fragrance is an art. One needs to create his or her own unique quotient on how to effectively carry their fragrance. Fragrances do add to an individual’s existing beauty.

Beauty never sleeps, it enhances itself. So should a fragrance. Ideally, a perfume must be worn soon after a hot shower as the pores are open and the skin is ready to embrace fragrance of all kinds. Scientifically, the heat of the body absorbs the scoosh and makes it more staying. Other than body temperature, the pulse points are perfect spots to tap on to keep the flame of fragrance emanating all day long.  The pulse points are mainly where nerve fibres act as a stimulus to the fragrance worn.  These pulse points are known to us as we have heard about them very often.  Wrist, behind the ear/knee/elbow, a tip of the ear lobe, calves muscle, tail bone, etc are referred to as pulse points.  Wearing perfumes effectively is an art and we must be able to feel the fragrance more than smelling it. The essence of ‘feeling’ the fragrance worn is more empowering than merely wearing it.

But there are always tricks in the game. The trick is to let the perfume dry out on the said pulse points. Perfumes are not to be rubbed, rather we should let the air in the motion stir its magic.  What has been underlined here is that the manner in which the air in the atmosphere touches the human skin and merges in the natural body odour creates a unique combination. The perfume tone also gets stronger when dried up by the air. If one is dressing up for an occasion layering up the perfume makes the fragrance last longer.  The knack is to wear the stronger perfume first and then the milder one. This hack will assist in the fragrance being with you as long as you wish.

Other pulse points which are not commonly known, but can be explored for enhanced results are your hair stands, belly button and ankles. I will share one jackpot trick as well.

Hair strands are the best friend for women to make her locks smell wow all day long. Hair strands are made of protein and fibre. The knack of application skills is needed yet again. Directly spraying perfume is not the best way to wear perfume as the hair can get rough. The magic trick is to spray 3-4 scoosh on your hairbrush and immediately comb your hair. Be sure that your hair has no knots. We are not sidelining men. Men must try this perfumed combing art too.

Belly button also is known as navel is the place of nourishment. It is that spot that connected us with our mothers through an umbilical cord. It is that part of the body that is usually warmer and also covered. This helps the fragrance to last longer. This is one pulse point you must try and test the waters.

The ankle is yet another pulse point which should be explored. As we are always walking and moving the fragrance applied on the ankles invisibly swirls with our motion taken. Another reason is that the ankle bone lets the puffs of fragrance stick there. These three hacks of wearing perfume on hair, navel and ankle will leave you feeling like that model coming straight out of a commercial.

Feel yourself like that advertisement star face; feed yourself with fragrances of your choice, pulse up your life. Well, the jackpot trick is still to be revealed. People often say we must not apply perfumes on clothes. They are partially correct. One must wear the perfume on their clothes. The ideal way one must practice is keep the clothes to be worn in a hanger. From a distance of 2-3 feet scoosh 3-4 puffs of perfume while the fan is switched off.  You will come back to thank me after trying this. Feel wow, be wow. Your sempiternal journey to whiff magically begins as you complete reading this

By Zahra Shakir – Zahra is a professional social worker and educator who loves sewing her thoughts of the inner world through written words. She is currently associated with Mistpoffer® as an intern.



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