According to Keywords Everywhere, every month, 9900 people search for the term facial wipes online, The trend of on the go things is mushrooming like anything. Instantaneous things have driven people crazy, everyone wants everything done super quick coupled with optimal results.

There is a brawny possibility that on some cheat days many of us might be slothful to walk all the way to the washroom carrying a handwash, a face wash, a towel. Thanks to this powerful tool, this just got simpler, take out a fresh facial wipe and cleanse all of your impurities at the ease of your bed.

Tired after your late night party and have an early morning? On your way back, remove your makeup-cleanse your face with a wipe and follow up with your face care regime as soon as you are home. Sleeping in makeup is never a good idea since it will clog all pores and may ultimately cause breakouts or redness for the upcoming morning.

Well, on the negative side facial wipes can just smear makeup instead of removing it. If need be the use of a surplus wipe is suggested. The key is to use as many wipes as you need until no traces of makeup are left since makeup will clog the pores and it shouldn’t stay on skin overnight. 1

They’re not all that bad. Keep your makeup wipes for things like air travel or bathroom touch-ups, when you might need to freshen up your foundation or erase mascara smudges. They should be tools of convenience, not necessity.2

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For hot sunny days at the beach, wipes are sure to come handy when you gotta clear sunscreen residues.

Try “non-drying” facial wipes if you have dry skin.

It goes like – Gently rub the wipes in a circular motion all over your face avoiding the area around the eyes. And, just in case you want to remove eye-makeup gently dab them on the area surrounding the eyes, instead of rubbing them on a sensitive area like this one.

Wikihow suggests a rinse with water and a cleanser post usage of facial wipes so that the chemicals that the wipes transferred to your skin get washed off and do not stay on your skin. One might also want to finish up with a moisturizer post cleansing with a wipe.3

Also, facial wipes just like sanitizers aren’t meant to be used regularly. If you have still been underestimating the power of wipes then, keep reading ahead. Wipes aren’t necessarily only for the facial skin, they can help prevent body acne. Wondering, how? Well,leaving sweat soaking into your skin can lead to clogged pores and body acne. Post workout, finish off with a cleansing wipe and wipe down your back and shoulders. This helps to prevent any breakouts. The same goes for hair dye sessions at home, obliterate the unnecessary dye from your foreheads, ears and shoulders.4

While face wipes can’t eliminate all stains, they also have the power to relieve small stains. Dab a face wipe on any stain and the stain will be removed from the fabric. This should be done immediately or just minutes after the fabric got stained.

Small entity and multiple uses- isn’t it amazing?

It is time to say” hi” to this power tool if you haven’t already.



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