Sunday, December 2, 2018

With a special focus on customer’s love for fragrance and hygiene, Mistpoffer Perfumetics is offering a unique cluster of products. Ranging from deodorant body sprays to wet wipes, all seem to have a power to ignite the human soul.

Mistpoffer Perfumetics is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 9 February, 2018. With a vision to be recognized as a premium European fragrance brand, it wants to offer you best in class consumer products which are completely safe, skin & environment friendly with no harmful chemicals such as Triclosan.

“A fabulous product that truly works. I have been using this for the past 5 days and it’s amazing. The fragrance stay all day long. I highly recommend it. ” comments Yazad, an Amazon customer, on a Mistpoffer perfume.

Products of this brand are sold widely on the world’s largest Internet retailer, Amazon. Rating the products with a “5-star”, the customers are showing their admiration for the products of this European brand.

Having a great value for money the merchandise intends to cater to the modern consumers to whom personal hygiene is the single most important factor in grooming. Again, an Amazon purchaser comments on a Mistpoffer Perfumetics pocket perfume:

“Great value for money. 385 sprays is fantastic. Excellent quality fragrance”

The brand values the sentiments of the customers and wants to win their trust by offering genuinely superior quality and safe products in order to become a credible brand with freshness and vibrancy at the core of the brand appeal. Mistpoffer, therefore, brings to those who aspire to keep their skin clean from all types of dirt and pollution, “Mistpoffer Fresh Glow Wet Wipes” and “Mistpoffer Fresh Impact Wet Wipes”, which are infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that cleanses the skin of all dirt and grease.

With the tagline, “War on germs, Hand to Hand combat”, Mistpoffer launches its all new Perfumed Hand Wash available in two European fragrances: Citrus and Cedarwood , and Tea Tree and Rose. Along with the Hand Wash, it also launches Hand Sanitizers with the same two European fragrances to help its customers to feel safe and robust at the same time.

With its style statements, “Everlasting Elegance”, “She’s not waiting to be rescued”, the brand is adamant about its faith on it’s Premium European Fragrance Body Sprays. It has an array of perfumes at its outlet. Fauve, Bel Espirit, and Yugen are the names which enchant the men’s perfume collection. The women collection of body sprays consists of Qrensce, Virago and NSorce. Both the clusters of perfume come in mistpoffer pocket-size eau de perfumes which will empower you to smell good whenever and wherever you want.

#wheresyourfragrance is the hashtag of the brand. Mistpoffer is all set to win the heart of its customers with the varied range of products available in the market. Now, all they need is “a chance”!

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