Have you ever imagined, how your life would be if you’d lost the power to get olfactory sensations? What a dull life would it’d be. You would have missed the most wafting things in life. Fragrance is very much a part of our culture, like food and wine. It is a part of our life. In earlier times humans did not have the scientific tools or discoveries to produce synthetic fragrances. They produced beautiful aroma from the things that they got from nature. Currently artificial methods are used to produce scents.

To book lovers, the smell of the book is as important as its content. The smell of a new book is as beautiful as the smell of an old one. “A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” – Jeffrey Stepakoff

Fragrances have a very significant role to play in our culture. They have a strong effect on our emotions. Different notes of scent, affect our – mood, memory and emotions differently. Fragrances also help in the production of peaceful, soothing and calm environment. Fragrances are used in different forms everywhere. Fragrance has spiritual importance in our culture. It is believed, that fragrance has the ability to connect us to God. Hence, incense sticks are used for religious ceremonies. Fragrance is not only used for religious purposes, it is also used for treatment. Scent is used to treat sleeping disorders like insomnia. It has been found that people sleep better, when the atmosphere around them smells good. Fragrance helps in reducing anxiety, tension and helps in enhancing the concentration capacity of the brain.

If fragrance suits one’s personality, it not only builds his/her inner confidence, but also uplifts the spirits. Fragrances often create memories which linger forever. Jasmine scent, still reminds me of my grandmother. Every place you go to will have a distinct smell, a smell that is different from other places. We usually add special fragrance to our entrance rooms, as it adds to the freshness of the atmosphere. Fragrance spreads happiness. Love and fragrance are the only two things that cannot be hidden.

Fragrance gets us sure delight,
It makes you sleep better at night.
Fragrance links memories together,
It makes you live your life, healthier.
It boosts your emotions,
It uplifts your mood,
It can make you feel super good!

By Arpita Ghosh – Arpita is a prolific writer, an aspiring journalist and an intern with Mistpoffer®

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