After rummaging through the wardrobe, frenetically hunting for the best dress, I figured out a whole new set of dresses are worth buying for the New Year Eve. A brand new resolution list was also to be made for the upcoming year.      

Resolution list had many things on it, but the secret bottle of potion remained at the top of the resolution list. And the secret in it was my own signature scent. The sense of smell always remained the most pleasing and important one for me. Cinnamon candles burning in the corner, smell of cherries, raisins, rum packed into delicious plum cakes all this always fascinated me, unlocking memories, they open vaults to the treasures of the past, pleasant and otherwise. Fragrance always remains a key element in my life. The magical touch for every event is the fragrance that we add to it.

Resolution is to find a scent that reflects my personality perfectly.  Grandma always used to say, “If you want to remind someone of you, just go and sprinkle your scent around them.”

In earlier days people used to enchant the place of festivals with smell of flowers. Thus every festival and event was carried out with a particular scent which became the identity of the event and it added the emotion to it. Understanding of a fragrance for me is simply relating the scent to one of my emotion. The Scent that neutralises my mood and makes me feel happy and fresh will the, be ideal one for me to wear.

A day which starts with a perfect smell, would make it day a better day to live in. Being passionate about fragrances reflects the elegance within you and the scent of our choice which helps you and others around to learn from you. And for this New Year, exploring new aroma in forthcoming life will remain the priority.

Many times the Aura that surrounds us affects the pattern of our life. A healthy aura equates us to a healthy life. And adding the magic of fragrance to our aura is similar to adding the magic to our life. Why not prefer a fresh and fragrant day, every day then?

A smell that I want to be identify with. Walking around carrying that smell which lingers in the air and fills people with smile. Even when I am not around, the smell would bring the same smile up again on the face and remind them about me. I want to blush like cherries, when people will tell me that we knew it was me by the smell that I left behind.

Fragrance is an accessory, which adds up to the beauty of our soul and enlightens the environment around you. I might not put on my makeup but always would prefer carrying my scent along with me. So this New Year I’m going to start with the new scent of mine.

“Your scent is my drug.

When I inhale I am brought back to an unreal reality.

The way you touch, feel, and sound

Comes to me like a car accident on the freeway.

Fast, hard, and uncontrollable.

Your scent is my drug.

When I inhale, only thoughts of you go rushing through my bloodstream

And pump through my heart.

Thoughts of you enter my mind.” – The 50 years old poet

Wishing you a happy and fragrant New Year! ☺

By Akanksha Patil – Akanksha is a passionate writer and an intern with Mistpoffer®

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