Cleanliness is Godliness.  Haven’t we heard that before?  Cleanliness’ is an integral part of our personal and professional well being and grooming. The basic form of cleanliness is ensuring our hands are clean at all times.

Washing Hands to keep them clean.

Washing hands dates back to the times of Stone Age where the stone was the only option available to clean the hands. We, earthling, have come a long way.

The evolution in constancy rolls it itself. We humans have evolved from the bygone times. As we have evolved, so have our needs. These days we battle between what to choose as there are umpteen options of sanitization products.

These days the market is overflowing with choices for every product we can imagine under the mighty sun. Products listed under personal hygiene to organic products; everything from them has umpteen voices that call out to us saying – ‘Pick Me’ to ‘Pick Me’.  ‘Buy Me’ ’Buy Me’.

Here, I intend to discuss the difference, benefits, and use of bar soap and liquid soap.

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Description: See the source image

Does bar soap and liquid hand soap serve the same value?

Does bar soap and liquid hand soap have the same worth?

Do bar soap and liquid hand soap the same properties?


Did you know that soap was first used and made by a Greek physician in the 2nd century AD?

Bar soaps is a cleansing agent that is the most widely used product sold in a solidified form. Soaps are available in organic forms today. Many herbal and ayurvedic soaps are also made with absolute care. Soaps are made out of sodium hydroxide and fat. The alkaline property of sodium hydroxide helps in the process of solidification of a soap bar. The products that are needed for a perfect blend and soap formation are cocoa butter, soya bean, castor oil, coconut oil, etc. This process is called saponification. It’s said that soaps have better exfoliating properties as scrubbing of the hands leaves the hands germ free.


Did you know that liquid soap was first formulated by William Shephard in 1865 by diluting the soap bar into water stirred with ammonia?

The liquid soap though invented in 1865, the properties of the same got fancier with the passage of years.  We identify the liquid soap as a hand wash. Today, the hand washes come with foams, creams, scents, and colors. The hand washes of today are also known to get translucent. Potassium hydroxide is mixed with the cocoa butter along with ammonia is the basic process of creating quick fix homemade hand wash.

The purpose of hand wash and bar soap is the same. The purpose is to clean the hands and make them germ-free. Both, soap bar and liquid hand wash do their job well. But opting for a liquid hand wash is a good bet.


Liquid hand wash comes with a Ph balanced solution with anti-bacterial properties. The chances of getting in touch with microorganisms are lesser as there is no direct touch with the liquid. Liquid hand wash comes in a dispenser. The chances of illness to spread are less. Illnesses like pneumonia, jaundice are also reduced. Common symptoms of cold and viral are lesser traced.

Hand wash is also easy to carry on the go and all size bottles are available. You can just put a small bottle of liquid hand wash in your purse or bag, HOLA! You are ready to go. Can you carry the soap bar with you when you are on the move?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using liquid hand wash than using bar soap. As per their study finding shared here, they state that the risk of spreading of harmful microbes, bacteria is far less in people who use liquid hand wash. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also debates that liquid hand wash is more water-soluble and hence creates more lather. They also add that hand wash is pumped out from a dispenser and hence the chances of contamination are lesser than in the comparison of using soap. While one uses soap, water does remain on the soap and never do we leave the soap pat dry. The water of the soap gives room for atoms, dust, particles and feed cross germ interaction. The best selection is using hand wash over bar soap. Rest, The choice is yours.

By Zahra Shakir. Zahra Shakir is a full-time freelance content writer, and is currently interning with Mistpoffer®



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