Every faith shows seeds of fragrances. The spiritual reverence of fragrances that I shall reveal here will blow your mind. The use of perfumes and aromas is older than the Pharaonic period. The kings during their hay time used aroma infused lamps. The Queen used aroma bathing oils, resins. Aroma has an inclination towards smelling right. Likewise, spiritual fragrance differs based on choice and religion as well.

Spiritual Growth

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From the bygone times, the authenticity and purity of fragrances have changed to commercialization. Hence, changing times and trends, the beauty and simplicity of the pure fragrances have got synthesized. Nonetheless, it is fairly essential to wear the coat of today’s era.

Ayurvedic and Vedic books talk about gazillion herbs that are used as fragrances. Gods and Goddesses are often cleaned with mustard oil. Mustard fragrances are noteworthy to be mentioned. Additionally, spiritual reverence of fragrances is respectfully extracted from Tulsi. Tulsi is used as a home purifier and for medical purposes. The Sandalwood is highly regarded to be used during rituals pertaining to death. Islam gives great importance to keep the home fragrant and prayer time worthy enough to smell right.

Read through to know something worth of a perspective indulgence:

  1. Hinduism

As per Hinduism, every day begins and ends with burning incense. The spiritual reverence of fragrances is to remains distilled with God-like vibe. 

Did you know, God and Goddess have a preferred inclination to fragrance?

 For example, Shiva loves the smell of Mahua oil. Lord Vishnu loves the smell and feel of Lotus.

  1. Christianity

Taking the lens of religion, in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, anointing was a very crucial process.  Want to know more, read what is the process of anointment.

  1. Eclectic Perspective

Hindus use perfumed smeared smudge to create the altar vibe. They also use essential oils, to bathe the Gods and Goddess. Use of camphor, clove oil for aura wick is also traced. Essential oils like Panchdeep oil, Mahua oil, and neem oil are also very revered and sacred. Read this for a more in-depth understanding of some essential oils.

The spiritual reverence of fragrances is not limited to Hindus or Christian. According to Islam, the use of Ittar or Attar before a Friday, wedding, ceremonies is very important. In the same way, oils fragranced with positive vibe are used to create spaces for learning and meditation. Oils like Frankincense and jasmine are mostly preferred.

The list is endless as we live in a world that is a cultural melting pot.  Oils, essential oils and fragrances are loved by all. Be it for instilling any mood or merely to remain still in meditation. Maybe, knowing about a few spiritual would be a treat to read.


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Combinatory, the spiritual reverence of fragrances is incomplete without understanding the benefits of a few oils.   Alternatively, there are many other oils that help in spiritual purposes. I suggest reading Spiritual Oils for aiding and adding to knowledge.

  • Deepshakti Oil– Deepshakti oil aids the lamp to burn longer and keeps the environment soothing and pleasant.
  • AttarIttar or Attar is an essential oil obtained from flowers and barks of their stem. Attar is alcohol-free and hence widely used by Muslims. But, Buddhists and Hindus also understand the spiritual reverence of fragrances called attar.
  • Lavender Oil– Lavender oil helps in keeping the meditation room well prepared for meditation.
  • Cedarwood Oil – Cedarwood oil purifies helps in the ’grounding’ process of meditation and removes auric blockages.
  • Rosemary Oil– Rosemary oil has slightly medicinal property and helps with flu symptoms’. But as explained above, rosemary oil creates calmness. It is also used for consecration processes.
  • Ylang-Ylang Oil– Ylang-Ylang oil helps to remove mood swings, hypertension and depression symptoms’.

Encapsulating, the subject of spiritual reverence for perfumes is the bottom of the sea that is still to be explored.

By Zahra Shakir. Zahra Shakir is a full-time freelance content writer, and is currently interning with Mistpoffer®



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